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The LOGOS MSc programme is a cross-disciplinary master degree of the Université Paris Cité covering all facets of sciences of language.

It consists of courses in four core disciplines: linguistics (both empirical and formal), philosophy (philosophy of language and philosophy of science), mathematical logic and computer science. Its courses comprise a selection of courses coming from four master degree programmes (Computational Linguistics, History and Philosophy of Science, Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science).

The LOGOS MSc programme welcomes students with various backgrounds (primarily, but not exclusively, with a bachelor’s degrees in linguistics, philosophy, logic or mathematics) and aims to provide them:

  • not only with a complete set of formal skills concerning, for instance, Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning;
  • but also with a comprehensive knowledge of all the theoretical environments within which the analysis of language and linguistic phenomena takes place;
  • and with a wide-ranging understanding of all the conceptual stakes involved in the study and representation of language.

The four semesters of the master’s degree are devised as a progression almost from scratch. Each semester is composed of an average of five courses, each of which can generally be chosen among a substantial list of options, so as to allow each student to specialize as flexibly as possible, while acquiring a broad general knowledge in all four core disciplines.